Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vivi eyemake video tutorial!

Hello all!!
So i am blogging twice in a day today already hehehhe :D

Omg there is so much to do for me now
meet up with my old besties
catch up with my japanese..and do homework and projects!!
and do more tutorial!! :D
Maybe hair make tutorial too? hehheheh :D

Do comment if you want any special tutorial i will do if it is possible :p

So i did my daily vivi mode inspired eyemake tutorial today :D since i am so free after completing my reflection assignment due tomorrow :D though i will need to check it again later... before submitting tomorrow ??

So i uploaded this video like finally?? Super long loading process!!! OMG! >.<

So here are some end look photos!!

So that is for now
stay tune to my upcoming popteen model okarie look eyemake tutorial and
my solution to menses outbreak too!!
till the next time!! <333333333


  1. whee thanks for the vids~ and the post, I enjoy reading it :D you have such a gorgeous hair too <33


    1. To rindodo: heheh thanks!!! :D i will continue to work hard XD
      thanks for your kind support!! <333333

  2. おつかれさまでした!☆