Sunday, December 30, 2012

NEW ** Dollywink no. 16 review!!~~

Hello today i am gonna do a review on one of my latest new hauls...


So here is the back view instruction and packaging!!~~

So here is a zoom in view of the lashes!!~~
Individual stalks , but the lashes is so soft and fine too!!
rating: 4/5
Design: 4/5 quite nice !! creating a pair of brighter and kawaii doe eyes~~
packaging: 5/5 super kawaii packaging!!
cost: 3/5 quite costly although i bought it at a discount
reusability: 4/5 if handled with care, can reuse quite alot of time i guess hehheh :)
 length :5/5 just nice! not too long or short!!
And i haven been trying a new look too recently before my holidays ends!! >.<
So some selcas here!!~

Lastly i am signing off with one of my all time fav food!
Japanese baby Shitake!~~

So that is all for now yea??

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