Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple 3 mins hair tutorial!!

Hello!~~ So today i did another short video on how to do a simple hair do

So please watch my video if you are interested in having a simple fast and easy hairdo!!

Since holidays is now and i am having some free time on hand before going out for my awesome
christmas trip and japanese buffet!! Happy!~~~~~ Cheered up a lot...

So here is some picture of my hairdo !!


There is 100% no edit in my video!

and pardon my video lousy quality because i was using my laptop video camera here only >.<
So that is all for now!! :D byebye

Love <3333333


  1. Really cute hairstyle!
    Thank you for the tutorial and video! >w<
    Hehe, I was looking for a style like this! ^^

    1. To josephine: hehhe you are welcome :p i will try to do more hair tutorials in the future :) if possible and thanks for visiting my humble blog too!! <333

  2. Aww, you're so cute and creative!