Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY 2013!~~

Hello all !! Wishing you a happy new year once again!!

Thanks for always visiting my this humble blog <33333

2012 was quite a teary one for me due to my bad relationship :( and my classmates too :((

i really wish that things will pick up for the better soon >.<!!

But it was quite rewarding too since i get to see and shake hands with Tsubasa Masuwaka, see Shina Hikari and Natsuko at AFA! Meet my Favourite bloggers in real too..

Next year, i hope to get away with better grades and my overseas internship!! pretty please!! cross fingers****

Anyway just wanna share with you some stuffs that i spotted ..

Hello kitty spring water from italy and i bought one.. as it was simply too irresistable!! <33

then a zoom in view of bottle!!~~
hurhur <3333

hehhe kawaii right???????

and then i walking further i spotted... LIMITED EDITION KATE MASCARA ART SET!!

And i also bought a pair of new shoes too!~~

So that is all for today yea byebye <33333333

Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!! ^~^