Saturday, December 29, 2012

New trials X Kumicky beauty book sharing!!

Hi guys!!
So today i am gonna share with another one of my latest haul which is and E.L.F bronzing powder!!

So it look like this!~~~

Very special need to mix all the 4 fours to achieve the natural bronzed effect!
woa...pretty cool right??
hehhehe.. i bought this at a fair near my house shopping mall which i chanced upon..lucky..
Nice ??Tried this before?? hurhur..
So next i am gonna do kumicky beauty book sharing now before my holidays ends!!
All pages are in a random order~~>..<
Her massage techniques!
i did not try this out though as i am too lazy for all these >.< guilty**
Face and eyeshadows make!~
And her school gal style!!~~
FYI: No lashes here, just mascara~~
Her skincare products and items!~~

Face massage!!~~ to a slim and smaller face~~
hehheh :)
Baby doll style and make!
Cool and sexy look!~~

So that is all for now!!~~ byebye<3333333

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