Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello all! <3

Today is another day again! :D

I am gonna share all my new mini hauls today!!

My new eyeshadow!! cant wait to try this out and do a review on this!!!

And my new dress so nice so nice!! like a wedding dress >.<
and this is really special cause i bought it at 12 december before 12am..
Which is 12.12.12 <3333
And my new shoes!!
Boots <33333333 At a discounted price too!!

I really miss someone badly... it has been sometime since we last contacted...
And it is the someone birthday tomorrow .. i really want to give that person the present but i cant.. i am too sad already keep crying non stop..
Since the person choose to let it go...
i will too...
Sometimes.. i just have to let it go...
time goes by i will heal...eventually.. eventually... hopefully...


  1. That is a really gorgeous dress! Aw, that makes it even more special because of the date!
    ;( I hope you cheer up! Keep your head up, and keep on going!

    1. To Josephine : hi dear , thanks ;) alot .. I will stay strong ;) and yes I really adore the beautiful special dress >~<

  2. Kyaaaaa! That's such an adorable dress <3
    Cheer up, ne~
    I'm always here for you :3