Thursday, December 27, 2012

Current obession!! X Pony beauty book sharing!

Hello!!!~ :))

These pics no edit again >.<
Hi there !!
My holidays are coming to an end soon >.<
but i am still in my holiday mood!!
ARgh!!!!!!!!! ><
 and i still stuck with my projects too...!!!!!!!!!!
2012 is coming to and end soon!~~
i hope 2013 is gonna be an awesome year for me..
as 2012 has been pretty shitty..
alot of dramas happened...
But at least i still have my besties to spend my time with and i met new people too..
Some good some bad..
What about you guys??
Same as me ?? hahahha
and i wanna share my current obession too after seeing PONY beauty book. and one of my  fav blog,
they keep on reccomending this product!!
and i have been wanting since a long long time till now i finally decided to get it!!
Etude house fresh cherry light pink lip tint which can also be used a blusher according to pony's
beauty book !! Pony's concept of pink flushed cheeks with irresistable natural sweet cuteness..
the outer packaging view !~~~
and the inner packaging view!!~~
i tested it already and the color is really sheer and natural when applied!!
and i really love the color too! hehhe and it smells really nice and fragant too!!
Although it is quite costly though...
So next i finally gotten the time and efforts to want to share with you all my ulzzang pony beauty book already!! it is quite thick!! >.<
so i only sharing those looks that i really like and are simple for you all too!!
applaud my efforts!! Phew~~~
I love this look the most among all!!!
So clean and so cute! >W<
Some monolid tutorial included inside too!!
Another super cute look here too!! >.< jelly!!!~~~
A uber cool, chic and sexy look here!!~~
Sights*** if only i am as pretty as her naturally.. i wonder if she had done any plastic surgery before
she is so pretty naturally ENVY <33 >.<
So that is all for now yea hope you all like this and find this quite useful??

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