Monday, December 24, 2012

New christmas hauls ! :)


So today i wanna share with you all my christmas joy hehhehe :)
First, we had an awesome yummilicious japanese buffet at a japanese restaurant!! :D
Here are some pics as i am lazy to load all the pics... >.<
So they have alot of delicacies such as sushi rolls, shoyu ramen, matcha tofu, egg tarts and desserts, many to choose from! And many salmon and sashimi too which i never eat !! <333333333
After that, we went for christmas shopping!!
and my twinie bought Aiku's latest design of lashes!!
Which was just arrived in my country for sale!!
So cool right??
This design is super super natural!!
 And then we head off to some private sale event too !
And i bought this really kawaii Marcoons hp straps last piece **
and this floral romper too! <333333

and this so simple yet elegant dress too hehehe...
And afterwards, i wanted to go to the bookstore and i found "FAMOUS ULZZANG, "PONY""! make up book in taiwan version!!! 
OMG!!!!!!! i can so damm happy :P
inside there is a DVD too !
Gonna share with you all this book inner contents soon too!!
Quite costly though T.T


  1. omg, looks super yummy!
    and that's so cute stuffs! ^^

    1. To josephine: Heheh thanks sweetie!! :P Yea.. that is why i could not resist buying all these! >.<

  2. Omg!! I've seen that strap on Strapya hehe
    And omg wow, matcha tofu? What does that taste like? :D