Saturday, December 29, 2012

Movies movies movies!

Hi guys recently i have been going out for tons of movies!! >.<

and i really love watching movies :) so enjoyable and nice!!!

I will drag my family along or some times friends!! hehhe...

This really make me happy!!!!!!!!! :D

So today i went out with twinie again for movie.!!

This time we watched Wreck it Ralph!!!! :)
So funny and so cute of course!!!
Tickets over the weekends are most costly though T.T
And meanwhile i saw this really cute sign board featuring coming soon Monster Inc!!!
cuteness overloaded right???
Then we went for some shopping...
just some japanese snacks here ...
And lastly i also received a present from my friend too!! :) Happy :p

So i shall end off from here...

xoxo shermin...

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