Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun day out!!


ToDay i had an outing with my bestie cindy again!

hahha she is just back from Hongkong!!

We were so happy today!!!!!!!! Along with my twinie of course!! hehhehe

We went for movie, dining and shopping!!! :)

We really had a great and enjoyable day !!~~~
Wanna everyday to be like that too!! >.< hehhe greeedy me!!!

WE watched the movie "LES miserables"... and i kind of bored, freaked, amused and touched by it. Featuring Anne hathaway !!! :)

All above pics 100% no edit as the lighting is GREAT!~~
And we took neoprints today too!!
We had a hard finding a neo prints machines too!!! >.<
And i bought this Shelia May duffy gf for my twinie as a belated christmas gift too!!
hehheh last one already!!
kawaii?? it is Finger puppet too!!! hehhe
and i bought 2 really elegant and sexy dress too!! i mean love their material and cuttings ..
lace lace lace!!! <33333
and i bought some items back today
like my double eyelid tapes, NEW dollywink no 16. which was on a discount ! :)
and a gift from cindy she bought from HK!
hehhe :)

Omg cant wait to try those lashes and do a review too!! >.<

and we got some cute freebies for one of our meal too!!

mine is the HAROLD one!! i wanted it and i got it!! i am like O.O!!!

So that is all for now yea byebye!! <333


  1. Cute buys! >w<
    Hehe, it's always fun to catch up with friends! ^^
    ooh, i wanna go see Les Miserables!

  2. To josephine: yea!! :) Les miserables is a melody drama if you are fond of sadist movie you should totally watch it too! i watched it because my friend wanted to watch it though.. and thanks for reading my blog too !! <33

  3. I watched Les Mis too! It was so touching!