Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hohoho my christmas treats!

Hello everyone,

Today i am share with you all how i spend this year christmas :)

Damm happy !!! :)

Because i went out with an outing with my mum and twinie <3

and we went for eating good food and shopping time! wahhahaha

This did really cheer me up alot! :)

Just going out relaxing and chilling :-)

And we ate PASTA MANIA! yummilicious but this was such a huge portion that i could not even finish this! >.<

and while shopping i spotted this really elegant and sexy shoe made of pig skin lining!
Which i was thinking whether to buy anot and it is really costly!!
In the end i decided not to because heels are usually not really suitable for my legs
because of the ache and pain!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
and while walking i saw PINNOCHIO too!
Remenber him???

hehhheh so cute right?? >.< Long long nose for telling lies hehheheh.. last time my parents used to tell me this for lying >~< so scary...

So next, i also just received my online haul today too!! <333

i have been waiting for its arrival super super long already until it finally arrived!!! >.<

Notice the buttons are heart shaped! <33333 And my fav color is pink too!! hehehe :3

And i also recived a skirt which i bought online too!
Like a fairy skirt <3333333

So white and so fluffy! (#>.<#)

Hehe i still bought 2 other stuffs too which i will soon share with you all too!!
hehhe ..

so that is all for now

byebye <3333333

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