Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recent fav hauls!

Hi guys, so as you all know shopping is a girl's best friend and  i totally love shopping for make up! :D

It cheers me up big time! :D Since i am feeling so down now ... :((((((

really focus on looking forward to better and happier days alone! :D
I will be stronger each day too

hehhehhe :D so these are recent hauls from a major warehouse sales!! <3333 :D


i cant wait to figure out a way to use these items properly :D since there are instructions on it hopefully they work on me well ;)

will do a review soon too :D

and meanwhile i went to catch the movie "the hobbit" today :D
So scary :S

Hehhe so that is all for now :D
byebye <33333333
if a guy really really love the girl, he will take all his bullshit and still cherish her as much ..
so ya.. if he doesn't at all this only goes to show what kind of person he is deep down.. because a real boyfriend will be scare of and afraid of losing her..

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