Saturday, October 27, 2012

J Carnival Post!

Hello everyone !! <33333 So i am back from the J carnival now!
Had fun there was really excited about it..
Since it is a japanese fest so i am starting with some Japanese too hehhee...
i did gyaru make today too!!
 Meeting with Tsubasa Stand first!
So the many gyaru apparels there for Sale!!
Snapshot with Golly locks too!! :D
 Selling some gyaru cosme too!
Then i went to take pic with Wendy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then with Tsuriki too!!!!!!!!!!!
 so i only managed to buy 3 items as i am so broke lols...
Kyary POnPOnpon fan T-shirt!!!
And it is a limited edition one only available in Japan too!
 i bought at a cheap price too!
 So i received a goodie bag too!
And here are the items inside!!
2 facial masks
Heronie makeup hair accessory
A pair of falsies
FYI: all the photos above are all unedited as i am feeling lazy!>.<
So that is all for now!!!!
i gonna watch my Kdrama now!

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