Friday, October 5, 2012

If nobody love me will you love me?


I think i am having PMS now feeling very tired and down now...

temper is bad...

emotions unstable etc...

and FYI all the pics in this post is taken using my pathetic iphone camera :((

So today just gonna do a short haul post...

recently i just ordered online a very cheap blusher/bronzing brush for myself to try out!

and that is ELF brand brush!

and today it arrived <333333 !

because up till now i dont really have a proper blusher brush yet ! >.<
can you even believe this???! But it is 100% true!!
so here is a closer view of its cover information ....
will do a review if possible though :D

Sometines i just think that how do we achieve happiness ??
by learning to be contented simply??
is it so easy and true?? well.. that is just for me and you to find out ....
so that is all for today so EMO post!!
( i am looking so stoned here just staring in blank space !)
On a brighter note: Tomorrow will be better! :D

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  1. Naww, I hope you feel better now!
    And your bangs look so adorable <3