Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello all!~~

Are you all music lover like me??
i bet !!! hahaha

so gonna share a nice song here today!! <3333333

By one of my fav model ROLA from vivi mag!

She is pretty right???


Btw, i went out to catch a movie which i wanted to watch badly ..

and it is TACHI 0!!!

okk.the reason i wanna watch is becase it is featuring Angelababy and Shu qi!!!

Omigosh!! They are my pretty goddesses!! >.<

Next actually just wanna share a Bad product which i just bought recently and i really really regret buying it!! >.<


Rating 1/5

And it is my tonymoly brush eyeliner!!~

It claims to be waterproof and smudgeproof etc...

But it is NOT AT ALL!!~~
in actual fact, it is very easily smudged away and it goes off super easily !!!
When drawn on it is very light no impact to the eyes at all!!!!!!!!!! argh!!

i need to draw a lot of times to see the dark black coming out finally!! 
omg it is so watery and hard to draw too!!!!!!!
really big regrets buying it!!!
Again the sales person claims it to be good???? Wth!
i swear i will never ever buy this eyeliner again!!! T~T

So that is all for now


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