Friday, October 19, 2012

어떡하죠 ??

Recently, everything has been bad for me T^T

School and my relationship Sucks >.<  and every body part of mine seems to be aching if not hurting :((((

어떡하죠 ??????

i really want to escape from this sadistic reality and i realise that my family is the best!!


i wanna do nothing but spend more time with them because they will never hurt me ever!

they are the ones who always stay by my side no matter what happens..

Since i am so unhappy now so i can only take some

Grumpy and pouty shots

i really am resigned to fate now hoping to achieve some inner peace and
just spend time alone reflecting on some painful adjustments since it is like that...
Thanks for reading this EMO post here but i am really down now..
hope tmr will be TAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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