Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kpop X Kreepsville!!

Hello!~~ i am like free and bored now so i need to keep myself occupied hehehe
okk... been shopping today but i kind of controlled myself pretty well today >.<
i controlled myself from buying the jewerich eyelashes which was available instore and they were in limited quantity too today!!
i am like i wanted this long ago T~T but i couldnt get it >.< just now i was super depressed to not buy it T~T
and i am like keep tempted to buy it since i still have some $$ remaining >.<

i went out with my twinie today finally!! T^T since she has been overseas for the past weeks...

Was pretty bored and wanna improve my language ability too
since my english has been lacking??
okk. i got to admit that i am really a big fan of meg cabot books!!
Especially princess diaries series! >.<
But this is so THICK!   (oT^To)

okk. so i have been controlling myself but i still need and want to buy one thing!!
and it is... 
        THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Omg ! especially since halloween is coming soon too !! hurhur... evil laughs..**
Brand of kreepsville currently not available in my country yet... >.<
But they are very popular in korean and kpop for a long time!!
Such as big bang 's G dragon and F(x) 's krystal wearing them..
So as a kpop ulzzang wannabe how can i be missing out such a goodie???!!

So this is my new haul!~~
Omg had a hard time finding these!! >.<
despite being scary they are so cute too right?????
love it <3333 i bought the last second one .. the last one is a tiny bit damaged though...
and on a plus note this eyeball trend is very popular in japan, shibuya and harajuku too..
featured in kyra pom pom's first  MV too
so that is all for now!! :D
 감사합니다 감!


  1. Omg, I love Meg Cabot too!!!
    Have you read Avalon High?

    1. To liz: yes! I have read avalon high before too :D
      Nice reads! <3333333