Friday, October 26, 2012

J carnival



Hello all!! Just a short update here that tmr i will be J carnival tmr!!!!!

i get to see all the famous gyaru bloggers in my country too!!
They are selling their gyaru apparrels there at  cheap prices!!

wanna grab some awesome deals for myself too so i am going there with my twinie..

i am not so into gyaru already..

since i am more of ulzzang style now..

But i just wanna grab some really cute clothes there at really awesome deals!!
and some cosmestics too!!!!!!!!! >.<

Super excited..

since it is a gyaru event i am gonna do a gyaru make up tmr.. and put on some falsies
fianlly gotten a chance to use my jewerich lashes now!!!!!!! ^~^

will snap some shots of the event tmr and will blog about it for my gyaru lover readers!!!

PS: if you see me there tmr please do not be shy to say hi to me!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
AS  i will not eat u up hehhehehe


  1. Ooh, that sounds like fun!
    Hehe, make sure to get lots of good deals, okay? ^^

  2. Wow~ Sounds like fun! c:
    Take lots of photos and blog about the event (and your hauls) after, please~ >u<

  3. Omg your outfit is so adorable <3