Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Went out again today!! >.<

check out a new place in my country which i have never been to before my entire life which is so out of the way of my house >..< So inconvenient and long journeys!!! >.<

Of course,, i did not went alone heheh

And of course shopping again!!
Loving my new mini elmo key chain so fluffy.. and so so so kawaii!!!
the moment i saw it, it was <3 at first sight!! FYI: it is the LAST one!!

Elmo Elmo <3333333333333
Meanwhile i spotted a korean beauty shop!
Omo! so excited so had to go in to see see!!
And i bought these masks!! <333

Tony moly aloe mask and a really cute korean (idk) mask
So that is all for today!! byebye<33333333333333

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