Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tony moly luminous pearl loose powder Review!

Today i am gonna do a review!~~
A while ago i bought some tony moly products back!~
But i have not done any reviews yet..
So here is one of them :D
And it is as the title suggests " Tony moly luminous pearl loose powder" !
FYI: this is the only glowy shimmery loose powder they have in tony moly!~ :D as told by the sales girl
Ratings: 4/5
It is has a very fine texture and it has a natural shimmery glow on the skin when applied on :D
Looks very natural.. and not cakey at all!!
However, it is very expensive >.<
But it is quite big the size of the casing and overall so worth it as i can use it for a long time! :D
The color of the powder is very fair and light too !
However, if you are looking for heavy coverage powder this is defintely not the one for you! >.<
As this powder is very translucent ... So bare minimal coverage...
Overall i really love this product :D
inside there is a mirror too.. so you can bring it around with you to touch up :D
So convenient!~~
Okkk.. so if you are looking for heavy coverage without any heavy foundation powder
i will reccommend you to use compact powder instead!!
i just bought korean shenee compact powder too!
So here is just a short review too!~~
Ratings 3/5
It smells really nice of roses :D and the packaging is a purple rose too!~
Its coverage is moderate but i guess good enough for me! hehhe as i dont need that much coverage too :D since my skin is healthy right now :D
And the price is cheap too! :D
So that is all for now :D
byebye <3333

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