Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello all! my twinie is finally back from china !! :D
and she bought me lots of stuffs back which i like! :D grins**

And i finally come up with a daily look makeup too like finally too! :D
after much hard work! Phew!! (^w^o)/

so here are some selcas of my daily look
no false eyelashes and no bronzer at all!! as i mentioned previously
 Ps: i finished reading mini shopaholic yesterday! (nice read!) :D
so how you think of this look?
so next, is the stuffs my sis bought back for me!
envy ? <33333333
1. A "poop" pen + refills
2. A pair furry neko hair accessory
3. 3 masks
4. brown double eyelid tapes
5. notebook
6. a pair of flowery brown contact lenses
7. a purple facial towel
8. falsies

 sadly i dont use falsies now >.<
 maybe will again one day perhaps?? hurhur :D
so nice right ?? the packaging!!
okk. so that is all yea?? byebye <3
till the next time love ya! <33333