Friday, October 12, 2012

Waking up to non puffy brighter eyes! X shibuya 109 vivi vol 6 issue!!

Hello!!! This one is gonna be a LONG post! Beware hehehe...

Today gonna share with u a new product i just bought and wanted a long time ago too!! and it is a sleeping eye pack!!

But i could not find it anywhere :(

So today as i was walking aimlessly around i happen to see this!!

And so.. i bought this UBU eyecandy!

So here is its usage!

and it looks cute too!!
Besides reducing eyebags and puffy eyes, it also help soothe headaches, sinus and nasal colds too!!
Its price is pretty reasonable too!!
Just tired it on just now chilled very comfy feeling almost dozed off to sleep instantly >.<
So next,  i am
  really happy to share with you all my Vivi shibuya 109 vol 6 issue with my black neko knit cap!!
okk.. although i am more of a Kpopper now but i still cant resist this cute neko knit hat from Japan!!
So i had to get this no matter what!!! >.<
Because i have been seeing online lots of japanese models are wearing this cute hat too!!!!
Inside contents are pretty much just the fashion wear only and nothing else..
But here are some pages i like!!
You can look cool with this hat too!!

So here is me wearing the hat!!!!!!! :D Wees~~~~!!

So next is just some totally irrevalent selcas of my today's different mode of makeup!
i like to keep it more natural too... since these days have been wearing lesser makeup..

So all these selcas are from my iphone too!!

And so that is all for now yea.. shagged to the max. now...

Byebye and goodnight <333333


  1. HELLO! where did you get the mag from? looked for it at taka's kino today and couldn't find it );

    1. To vernice: hi !! I gotten it from
      The kino at taka at the front section of the jap mags there! Did u check there ?? If not it is sold out already >_<

  2. Omg, you are soooo pretty!
    And omg I want that hat and mag! >_<