Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi guys!!

School started and is like hell gates opened for me >.<

i really really dread school and i dont get to meet my dear dear as often le!!!!!!!

i really miss him alot!!!!!! >.<
his cute cheeks and voice and everything although we do text daily ...

and i am really freaked out >.<

Jrunway has just opened in my country!!
But i havent got the time to go there yet.. and i need someone to accompany me there too!

Opened since monday yet..

i so wanna go there as there got all japanese brands clothings such as  Emoda and many more!!!!!

They offer japanese hair and makeup services too!!!

So here is their fb link!!


So meanwhile to cheer myself a wee bit... i bought myself a japanese snack as it looks real yummy!!

and when i am stressed i like to watch videos on makeup too!!
so i tried a new double eyelid methods and hence a slight different eyemake for the day too!
so here is the look!
i changed my base method too abit.. no highlighting, lipgloss and blusher too
So snap snap with my iphone camera first..
Then my camera..
So how is this look??
suit me??
i kind of like it myself ..
sadly i recently injured myself ...
i am always so clumsy and careless too..
and i am feeling lazy too unwilling to do my home work too as i cant handle pressure if not i will have a migraine.. >.<
any suggestions to help me relieve my headache??
it is so awful and i have not been myself lately..
only playing out with makeup , eating nice foods, shopping and texting my dear.. makes me happier abit ..
Ps: will update more properly about Jrunway if i get a chance to go to Jrunway and do some shopping there and snap some pics of there and will share with you all!!!!!!!!
So that is all for now yea??

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  1. Naww, you're so lucky to have a Jrunway store!!