Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shopping addiction and beauty obession!

Hello all! i am gonna do a personal rant here today so if you are not interested please skip :D
i just wanna make a confession which is so OBVIOUS! >.<
if you are a faithful follower of my noob blog you should have known that
everyday there is some hauls from me...
which is what and why i am so guilty about >.<
i have been splurging like ...
hais and sights**
i cannot seems to control myself !! do you have the same problems as me??
i practically will get overly excited whenever i see a beauty shop nearby wanting to buy
some makeup and skincare products back to try some! >.<
And i cannot be a very faithful and devoted user of a product as i love to change them very often
as soon as i have the chance to... >.< so horrible right??
And also i am very easily influenced by other bloggers  who are so pretty and cute then i will want to follow them and use whatever beauty products they are currently using too!!
ong!! when will i stop all this sick obession??
my family always nag me because of this too!!
i bought another pink towel bath hair turban with mini bows, a poker designed swinwear bikini ( since i never own one before my whole life and i outgrown my current swimwear too already ??)  and face soap lather puff  because i thought that i used my current ones for way too long already ( which is like 1 year back??)  .. today again!! ( And they are of reasonable prices and cheap too!!!)
and just now i went to order a blusher brush since i never own once my entire life and it is cheap too!!

So scared of my obession now!! >.<

But i see online other girls are actually like me too shopping everyday too! >.<

i always think i need to buy new products to try on so that i can improve my makeup and my looks overall this way....one way it is good but it also has its cons too!! >.<

 i cant seem to be satisfied in anyway!! OMG!!!!! T~T

that is all for the long rant
signing off now~~~~~


  1. Haha, you're so lucky to have beauty shops near you!
    I really really want an Asian beauty shop to open near my area but it's all Western products!!! T^T

    1. To liz: Thanks for your kind encoragement! i really appreciate this! Touched *** >.< HUGs** Hope that one day an asian beauty shop will open near your house one day!! :D

    2. Hehe, aww thanks sweetie! :D <3
      *Hugs :D