Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Secret garden! X ulzzang giveaway!!!!!!!

I have just started watching a Kdrama called  
 Secret garden !!
it is such a nice drama too!!
you all should watch it too!!
So next i am gonna do a giveaway today too!!
And it is this wonder pore cleanser which i just bought!!!
i cant use this now as i only used it once only so i decided not to waste it...  ( as my skin is hypersensitive one..)
since it is still very new!!!!!!! and it is very expensive too (T~T)
So please join this giveaway of mine!!
just follow and help me share my blog publicly!!!!!!
Simple as 123 and ABC right????
Fyi: Shinee key oppa bought this whole set of skincare!
So if you want skin like him so please join in this giveaway and stand a chance to win this!
This is open internationally!!!!
Ends at 1 st november 2012!~
So what are you waiting for?? join now!!!!!
Watching dramas really makes me feel better!! ^~^ since i am feeling low these days...
webcam today !~~
Goodluck ! <3333333


  1. I want win this giveaway because I really love etude house *O* but I can't understand who I have to share your blog... ¡Please, help me!

  2. To blueli: hi ^^ very simple you just need to post about my giveaway in either your facebook , blog , tumblr or twitter any one will do ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  3. i want to win :D

    GFC: Isaa

    tweet :

  4. I would like to win please :)
    I haven't tried anything for Etude House but if Key-oppa buys it, it must be good!

    Aw I love k-dramas :) I should watch Secret Garden!


  5. Woahh I'd love to win, because I really love Etude House products <3

    Shared on Facebook :

    Email :

    Thanks for the giveaway :) xx

  6. Love Etude House stuffies!

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  7. First, I love Secret Garden too^^
    Did you already watch the parody from Big Bang?it's absolutely funny^^
    You can search it on youtube..

    I also want this giveaway~
    Please come to my blog^^

    GFC : Nia Midford
    Email :

  8. Naw, Shermin-chan you're so adorable <3 <3
    I want to enter too!~
    I shared on my Facebook ^_^