Monday, October 8, 2012


School is starting soon!~~
My number of subjects have increased!~~ >..<
But today i am still pretty free to do whatever i want!~~
Happy girl!~~ :D
Today went out for  medical checkup with dad and twinie! :D
So after that we went for walk walk around ... as my twinie wanted to buy her stuffs too
And there happen to be a sale there too!
So i bought this amethystory eye roller essence for my eyelines and eyebags  
and i also bought this but not on sale though..
This is korean Pure beauty cleansing water for removing makeup for sensitive skin!
After that we went to the library to return my meg cabot book which i finally finished reading :D
And i lent some kiddish books which i used to like reading them in the past !! :D
Some short stories instead of thick books..
okk. Mr. midnight and Mr. Mystery!!
They are really famous books and hard to be found but we managed to find them in the
halloween corner! :D
Since Halloween is coming soon!!
My twinie borrowed more of these others too
So we can exchange once we finished with each other books
more pics <33333333 
So that is all!! <333333
byebye <333333333

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  1. You guys are so adorable together!
    I can tell which one is you hehe
    You're on the right! :D