Wednesday, October 17, 2012

얼짱 (Ulzzang or Uljjang)

Hello !!

school term just started T~T

am more busy now..
but i will still spend some time blogging here as usual..

Was really stressed out with my school work and projects. headaches really bad for the past for few day and fell down and injured my leg too T^T Pain!!

Nonethless i must stay happy!! :D

But no matter how busy i am i will never cast away my love for ulzzangs !! >.<
So recently, near my house area, there was a fair and it sells beauty products! And they happen to offer Tony moly products too!! :D

At half prices!!! :D

So all ulzzangs wannabe will rush there like me and get all the necessary daily skincare products and makeups!!


So i bought some items there!!

Green tea ice queen mask pack!!

Have been eyeing this for a long time already!!!
ever since i read online review about it long ago before!!
So cute the packaging as it is shaped like a green tea ice cream!!! :p
and i bought a compact powder with a SPF of 10 too!!
Omo!! This all in one fluid works as a toner, moisturizer and essence for my face!!

And this happens to be one of the star products too!

So convenient because of its multi functions right?? Great for lazy people like me!! hehhee Guilty**

i wanted to buy more but it is the last one there T~T

and i have already started using this product already and it does not break me out so far so good! :D

Beside using korea beauty products in being an ulzzang, ulzzangs also like eat their yummy korea snack s too

and i am pleased that my mummy colleagues from korea brought some korean snacks for my mum and my mum gave them to me knowing that i like korean snacks alot!!

Thirdly, ulzzangs like to watch cute korean dramas too!!
and here is one!!
and  it is korean version of Hana kimi!!!!
featuring shinee's minho and F(x) suli!!!!!

Loving this drama!!! <333333333

So that is all now !! byebye <333333333

Follow me on my ulzzang wannabe journey!~~~ hehhehe 

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