Thursday, October 4, 2012


今日は、暑いね (Today's weather is Hot!)
この写真は昨日とってです。(I took these yesterday)
新の衣服大好きです!( i like this new clothes alot! XD)
 朝のじかんにこのますをしました!<33 ( i did this mask this morning!)
大好きです!( i like it alot)
This mask is for
1. anti acne/ blemishes
2, intense oil control
3.improves blood circulation
4. hydrates and moisturizes
このますもとてもやすいです! (This mask is very cheap too!)
一ドルだけ!( $1 dollar only)
うれしいです!~ ( Happy!!)
 使ったの感じです!( After using this mask, my complexion is like this!)
( 100% no edit !!)
so here is the ingredients inside the mask!
made of chinese medicine ingredients too!
i really love this mask alot! <33333
it smells nice and very soft too!
Next, i saw a shop nearby selling fruit juice too so i decided to give it a try too!

 i bought the fruit juice for skin glow one!
It is costly T~T 
Next time i want to try the one for reducing dark eye circle one too!

So that is all for now!!

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