Saturday, October 6, 2012

random outing :D

Hello waves****!

i went out with my mum and twinie yesterday for movie, sushi and some shopping! ( Which is to celebrate our super belated bday now that twinie is back!)~ :D Wees~!!

so i helped to book the fierce wife final episode movie yesterday!~~ it was the last day of this movie showing!~ although i wanted to watch this long ago since i saw the pretty girl in the cover!! ~~

So first we went to eat our sushi meal first!~
 おいしい( oishii as usual!)


FYI: this is a taiwan movie!


She is gorgeous right? But she seems to have done PS :(

FYI: she is also a taiwanese model too!

So while waiting for the show to start  and after the show, we went shopping! hehehe

so here are some items i gotten :D

twinie bought some clothes too!~
 Super light makeup these days since i am more into ulzzang make up these days :D
did not winged out or drooped down my eyeliner too!!~~

so that is all for now !!~~
byebye ~~~
till the next time! <33333333333

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