Sunday, October 14, 2012

109 Shibuya vol 6 mag preview!


i know some of my readers cannot buy japanese magazines because they are so out of reach for you and they are so costly too right ??? >.<
Although these days i have stopped buying any japanese magazines already because i kind of more a k -wave now and lesser and lighter makeup these days so i am not so interested in gyaru makeup trend now... but nevertheless i will still buy them if their freebies or contents really do attract me alot!
heheheh ;p

So i decided to share some pages inside this magazine which i just bought with you all here today in this blog post
so i hope you will appreciate my kind efforts :D

This photos really took me a long time to upload them >.<

Inside it is introducing the sale of Rola Biography fashion book too!!

** FYI: i happened to browse this rola book in the bookstore but i did not buy it in the end because it was not really helpful to me at all although i like her alot!! She puts on very light eye makeup just some light brown shadow, thin eyeliner and mascara on her upper and lower lashes! She has got natural beauty inside it revealing her bare face yet she is still gorgeous!! Envy <333333 
& next this fall Egoist's style!

Some of the famous shibuya 109 model's fav makeup items

And jaggings are in trend now!!
heheh my twinie and i just bought one each recently
They are more lightweight then the skinny jeans material and when worn it is not stuffy or too hot on the legs.. hehhehe nice!!
 leopard prints jaggings too!!

CAT HAIR STYLED ACCESSORIES are in the trend in japan now!!!!! >.<


flowery prints jaggings too !!!!!
So that is all for the sharing of my magazine
really hope you like it!! >.<
Finally i just wanna share 2 really cute and awesome ulzzang couple pics with you all
Envy  <3333333
Photo: 世界上最好的感覺就是,知道有人在想你。
Omo!! i really adore their fair flawless skin and tiny faces >.<
so jelly of them now !!!!!!!
SO yup this is the end here byebye...


  1. The ulzzangs are so cute! : D And I love the 109 book!

  2. Thank you for the preview of the 109 book! >u< I wish I could buy it where I am~ The ulzzangs are so cute~ >u<