Saturday, September 15, 2012

My birthday!

Hello all! i am very happy today because it is my BIRTHDAY TODAY! >.<

So i received present from my family and my boyfriend :p

My boyfriend is so sweet give me surprises ;p
We went to the movie and intended to watch his horror movie resident evil in the end he surprised me with a movie which i mentioned that i liked :p featuring nickhun from 2pm which i forget movie name though :/

So sweet when i realised that it was the movie i like to watch instead of his horror movie hhehe..

and he also gave me a yellow shorts from uniqlo. although i did not really like his present but i kind of appreciate his thoughts :D just admit the fact that his taste in clothes is BAD! >.<


so next i am gonna share with you how i spent my day today and some of my other presents from my family :p
just some more new items which i just bought today using the cash from my present! :p

gonna review them if you comment ! :p

Dined @ PASTAMANIA today! :D
yummilicous !! :p  sorry for making you hungry >.<
omg! this is my first time eating such declicious pasta, as i am not really fond of pasta though..
hurhur ,,  so here is my vegetarian pasta!! :D i also ate other stuffs too but was too hungry so just took a pic of this only hhehe pardon me.. >.<

Left: Korea Puresmile snail bb cream, Middle: my special japan eyelash curler, Right: k palette dark brown eyeliner
Ps: i tried using the eyelash curler already and i really love it not pain on my real lashes at all very comfy and nice and easy to use and my lashes did curled nicely up too! wahahaha! <33333 saw this from a makeup video of ranzuki/edge model suzuki ayaka!

 next is my new bought japan apple gummy choco! yum yum! <333
first time trying the apply flavour though as i usually eat those with strawberry ones (more common) instead though..

next see my pink heart shaped belt! >.<
next, i also bought a new TONY MOLY product
which is called backstage double edge shadow pen! :D
Really cool colours shimmery white and light grey!
gonna experiment for a new look tmr with it! hopefully it works out for me >.<
because it cost me quite a bomb >.<
actually wanted to buy the yellow one that hyomin was endorsing but the store dont have T~T so
in the end i gotten the only one available that eunjung endorsed ..
well nvm i am still fine with it though..

Ps: my fav makeup brand is now TONY MOLY because my super idol hyomin is endorsing this brand!! KYA!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lastly, my mum bought tickets for a beauty talk show for kose! So i was taught various face cleansing techniques there too! :D quite useful :D

that is all for this post yea?? byebye <33

thanks for viewing though!!

Ps: pardon my phone lousy quality pic  >.<