Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starting to love my new long fringe !

Hello everyone! <3333
i had been trying to do a video this afternoon but kinda of failed T~T
it is really long and hard as i was nervous and all and not experience and all..
nevermind, maybe better next time hehhe
went out with my mon today :D
yay!! <33333
i love going out with my mon because it is shopping time too hehehhe
Today's outing final look and style!

so i bought a lot stuffs today!!

but i am only gonna share my fav item!

tada!!~ DOREMON lip balm with vitamin E, aloe vera and olive oil as moisturizer and conditioner for lips!

so cute! >.<
and when i opened it, it smells so nice too ! :p
i bought my facial wash at a super discounted price too at there :D
and lastly i also bought quite some food stuffs for example the food item i like the most is
i haven eaten pepero before in my entire life !
but i liked it the most because i bought it for one reason!
it is because i wanted to do PEPERO kiss with my boyfriend!
shy shy blush (o>.<o)
i haven done this yet with him yet and after watching WGM i so wanna try this too!!
excited :D
try this with your lover too hehhehe
that is all byebye!!
thanks for viewing!!