Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy chuseok!


i know i am lil bit late here >.< but yesterday was chuseok! :D
was really happy yesterday as i went shopping again with mommy!
well, but i did not bought much..
guilty look **
erm.. ok first i bought this grapefruit exfoilator scrub!
it have been ages since i last used a proper facial scrub! >.< and after seeing
some videos i realised that it is time for some facial scrub >.<
and i love grapefruit alot!! its taste and smell and colour within! everything :p
This product really smell nice and feels nices on the face too! :D
my face feel really smooth after a wash with it no kidding!
but sadly i can only use this once a week for fear that there will be some nasty outbreak T~T
Okkk! so next i finally tried Tteokbokki 떡볶이 (korean Spicy rice cake) for the first time!!!!!
Omg >.<
Excited but sadly this was not suited for my tastebuds. >.<
i did not really like this >..< and i could not even finish this T^T
After this, i bought myself a biore acne cleanser..
as Nayoung unnie is using one similar one too so i wanna try this out too
i also bought
Shenee korean cake compact powder to try out :D since they were having some offer
too!! hehhe greedy me ...
Omo! i am really attracted by the rose packaging actually heheh :p
Lastly, i want to share with you all my new online haul!
Which is Sigma F70 concealor brush!

So here is the product description!~~

The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas.
Unique Feature: Small and slightly tapered flat brush
Function: Conceal small areas
Recommended Use: Conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes.
Bristle Type: Synthetic
Because after using samantha real technique face expert brush i realised that i actually need good brushes to look great! And when concealing i realised that a need brush for concealing too because
my brush is too big for that! >.< and i couldnt conceal properly because of that..
So i went online and decided to get a concealor brush and i read great reviews on the sigma brushes before commenting that sigma brushes are fantastic so i decided to give it a try myself too! heheh :D
Will try to do a review once i recieved and tried it myself if possible.. Omg! so excited cant wait >.<
 so that is all for today yea?? byebye!! <333333



  1. Chuseok? That's an interesting name for it!
    In Australia, we call it Moon Festival :)

  2. To liz: yea!! that is in korea only .. well in my country it is also called the moon festival too! hehe :D