Monday, September 17, 2012


I have been lazing around these days when i am supposed to be studying my japanese now >.<

feeling lonely and sad these days.. but it is alright :D
i will still survive! Fighting!!

relationships these days are so complicated that is why some people rather be single all the way!
steady bom pe pe!! >.<

my girlfriend just broke up with her boy saded T~T personally i dont know her situation but i wish her all the best..

then for myself i am totally LOST! >.<
often i try to ignore these thoughts.. and do other things. like playing games, experimenting with makeup, studying my japanese, watching videos, online shopping, facebook, running errands for my family and doin household chores, blogging daily, thinking what to eat etc..
outing with my friends...etc...

So next i decided to do some reviews! since it has been a long time since i did some reviews! >.<

So i am gonna do a review on all these 3 items in the pics below now!

so 1st is Puresmile Snail B.B cream 01!

The reason i wanted and decided to buy this because i heard that many korean celebrities are using snail bb cream! And korean celebrity have fabby skin! Envy right?? <33333


i love the creamy, smooth texture and natural looking color base, giving my skin a natural, dewy and glowy feel. Because it is smooth, it is easy to blend into the skin, its properties are brightening, Uv protection, Smoothing skin and moisture. However, it is a 3 because i dont really like its smell as i am rather particular of the smell of my products. it has a smell that is not really that pleasent to my nose, but overall it is ok :)

i would not buy this product again because of its smell. >.< and the packaging is quite small too though price is affordable >.<

2nd review!

My japan mini plastic eyelash curler!

rating: 5/5

i really love this awesome curler and is because i cannot handle those normal metal ones, as they are really hard to use and control >.< and it sometimes hurts too T~T. But using this mini plastic curler it is so much simplier and easier for me (^~^)// it is more gentler to curl lashes too! But is more costly than those metal ones that i bought previously..And being so mini makes it so portable too :D

i will defintely buy this again if i ever lost it or damage it >.< hopefully not!

3rd review
K palette dark brown eyeliner!

rating: 4/5

i would really recommend this if you want natural looking eyes, but it is not suitable if you want bigger, dolly eyes, because it is too light to create those effects... personally experienced. i use this for my lower eyelids and not my upper lids because of past experience it does really give me the effects which i desire for my eyes to be...

i will buy this again though because i really need this for my lower eyelids :D for the natural looking effects it can create :D

4th review

Tony moly backstage double edge shadow pen!


ratings: 4/5
currently, i am still thinking of how to use this product properly to enhance my eyes for the effects i desire to have. But i have tried this on already. This product is very shimmery and light. When blended in , it looks natural too.. This is only meant for the upper eyelids, because of its larger surface pen tip.  But i still really love this product overall and the brand TONY MOLY if possible wanna try their masks too soon or their powder or other products etc...Since their lip balm really work wonder for me :P

not sure i will buy this again though .. cause i am still figuring how to use this more properly on my eyes now!

that is all for now yea??

byebye !! ^~^


  1. Good reviews! :d

    1. To blueli: thanks sweetie! <333 visited your blog :D

  2. Otsukaresama deshita~
    Thanks for the reviews sweetie! <3
    And if you ever need someone to talk to, just let me know! :D

    1. To liz: Arigatou liz-chan! Thanks for always being there for me Touched**! :p You are so Nice <33333333