Friday, September 21, 2012

What it takes to be an ulzzang!?

 Hello all!! Recently i am really in love with ulzzang make up so simple and cute! >.<
So i decided to work on this look! So that every morning i dont need to put on heavy falsies and yet still look fine! :D
So yesterday i actually went to research on some make up tips of being an ulzzang!
So i found a quite useful video
So here is 2 videos i just found abit helpful

So even if you are not a real korean nevermind just try their makeup technique and you can look like one too heheheh!

Who dont want to look natural yet cute right??

My personal tips for ulzzang makeup.. here from my personal experience for the above pic look

1st: For face,
- you will need bb cream, concealor and light colour loose powder, very light pink peachy blush

- matt or shimmery ( i prefer)  light brown eyeshadow ,dark black eyeliner, draw thicker straighter brows

3rd: liptint or lipbalm is needed too :D preferably a cute light shimmery pink color!

Lastly, Take good care of your complexion to achieve the flawless face look! >.<

If you want makeup tutorial for please comment below!!~~

This makeup gonna be my dailylook from now on!~~
hehheh >.<
Btw, i trimmed my fringe abit because i miss the "old" me with short fringe >.< and i kind of figured out that short fringe suits me better anyway T~T
So do you like this look?? Does it suits me?? hurhur i kind of like it :p
So that is all for now yea?? byebye<3
& thanks for viewing!! <3333333333

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