Thursday, September 6, 2012

My new idol inspired look!!

                                                    Hello!! Today gonna be something different from my usual idol post!
normally i like to introduce some pretty japanese models to you all but today i am gonna share with you all my favourite korean idol from girl band Tara! Her name is Hyomin!

i start liking her from WGM her with some chinese singer! She is really cute and pretty!!~~ So envious of her!! >.<
so i decided to try her makeup myself hurhur... shy shy!

So here are some pics of her .!!

Fan girling now (#O~O#)///



i found a video on it

and here is my end look!!

So simple just some eyeshadow,eyeliner will do! No falsies, No blusher, No powder too! :p

lols i just find this makeup super cool, sexy hot and CUTE! .\>.</ so additcive !!!

so do you think this makeup suit me?????
>.< please comment! :D
 that is all !!~~
hope this is useful for you or you will like it :p
 thanks for viewing once again!!
i am gonna do hyomin look from roly poly soon so stay tune!! :D


  1. Aww love this look :)
    I love T-ara !

    1. To sheri! Yes! me love T-ara too!! <3333 Thanks!! you should try this look too someday :D have fun!!XD