Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mini new hauls! X contact lenses tips!


Today i will be sharing you all again my new online hauls ! >.<
Okk.. i know i shouldnt be shopping again but i couldnt resist these items they are just so alluring!! >.< ( am i boring you all with my hauls again????? >.< i couldnt help sharing these new and nice items with you all though >.< , well you can comment if you want to see me blogging about other stuffs..) Well, i will be doing reviews soon too ... but i need the right find the time to do it >.<) as i am too lazy these days.. my sincere apologies >..<

So here are their pics.. hehhe :D

ok, so 1st up is my WC stockling which i just ordered online and am waiting for its arrival!! so kawaii right??
i know i am more in favour of kpop beauty now but i am still a major fan of japanese brands too >.<
as they are simply too irresistable T~T


    ok.. so 2nd is my love necklace and super barbie rose lenses which i ordered it last few days ago and it arrived today hehhehe !! :D

close up view of my new lenses >.<


So nice right??? but i wont be trying this on soon though cause i just opened my new freshkon lenses now >.<

will do a review if possible (o^~^o)//

Meanwhile i wanna share some contact lense wearing tips here today too!

so here is a piece of article my mum picked out for my sisters and i and so i thought that i wanna share with you all too hhehe :D


meanwhile i personally did a little bit of research online too, to understand my current situation better
since for the past few days my eyes have been experiencing slightly more discharge than usual..

so after researching, i realised that
it may be natural for me to have, due to not having enough eye rest, real lashes irritating , eye makeup, oil or dirt entering my eyes...

So here are my highlighted tips for curing eye discharge !

Treatment of Eye Discharge

Throwing away old make-up, especially make-up that was used while you had an infection in your eyes will greatly reduce the chances of the infection coming back. Contaminated cosmetics are the leading cause to eye infection, and if not thrown away you’ll be reapplying the bacteria.
You can also remove oil from your eyelids by washing them with a baby shampoo or other mild detergent. Massaging the lids with a downward motion will help push out oils. Upper lids should be massaged and patted down with a tissue to remove the excess oil. More often, eye doctors recommend commercial eyelid scrubs that can be applied if you're wary about using a homemade solution.

credits from

so that is all byebye <333333333
i hope this is somehow useful for you
and thanks for viewing!!! <333333


  1. Those stockings are so cute!
    And the lens look nice :)

    1. To sheri: yea!! that is why i decided to buy them in the end! >.<
      thanks for viewing my blog too!! cheers ^~^

  2. Ooh ! Those stockings are so cute ! >w<
    I love the design on the lenses ! ^^

    1. To josephine: Me too heheh ! :D & thanks for visting my humble blog :p

  3. Waaa are so cute!!

    1. To blueli: Thanks sweetie! <33333 visited your blog too :3

  4. うわああああ!!!!!

    1. To liz: いつも私のぼるぐをみって本とにありがとう!私もこのものは大好きですね!:D うれしいです!