Saturday, September 8, 2012

My twinie departure to China! X Clean & Clear pimple gel review!

Hello! Today i am feeling abit lonely and sad because my twinie is not by my side now
she went to china for her course program for 3 long weeks!
and i am in hols now and yet i haven started my job yet....
So last night i went to the airport with my family to send her off T~T
Yea!! so here is a snapshot i took with my iphone!
and the nice display there!!
attached to invisible strings will automatically move up and down like raindrops!!
But my mummy and big sis are still around yeap! :D
so i will be fine! i guess?
anyway, i bought a new skincare item today !
so here is pic of it!!

and i am happy!! :D
because last night i saw a awesome video about it and i am woah!~~
and here is the video!!
the girl inside is so pretty right??

i need to try it myself ? >.<
SO here is my review for it!!
ratings 4/5
i think this is an effective and cheap way to clearing your facial skin of any blemishes, acne or pimples!
it is colourless and it smells pleasent!
the texture is just nice too! not too milky or hard to blend into the skin!
It also help to clear up and prevent pimples fast and effectively too!
Most importantly, it is oil-free and it wont clog your pores! :D
and it is available at any normal drugstores too!
But to me it is quite a small tube packaging lols!
i want more!! hhaha greedy me!! >.< 
moreover, clean and clear brand name has been established for around a long time already!
so it will be a trusted brand too right???
So if you have trouble oily combination skin type like me, try this too!
 that is all byebye!!
and thanks for viewing!! <333333
till the next time!!



  1. Eek it's Angel unnie <3
    How fast exactly did it clear up your pimples?

  2. Thanks for the hard work!
    I'm sure your sister will be back in no time :)
    How many siblings do you have?

  3. To sheri: It helps to clear my pimples within just 2-3 days! :D

  4. To liz: Yea you are so RIGHT!!hehhehehe thanks!! I have two other siblings one younger twin (which is this sister who had just departured for china) and one elder sis XD what about you???

    1. Really? Oooh! A house of girls :P
      I have an older brother ^_^