Friday, September 14, 2012

Working on my daily new look :D

Today gonna share with you some of my new items again hehhe
firstly, this is a rilakkuma iphone portable charger that my big sis gotten for me as my advanced bday present!!
next, i gotten myself a little twin star newest and limited edition mask!
there are 2 of them but i only gotten the whitening for myself though ;/
nice packaging right?? they were sold out previously though :x
currently i am working out my daily look as i want to stop changing my make up style a while
i want to keep it simple yet nice!! >.< so hard keep trying though T~T
so here is a preview of what i had tried out so far yesterday >..<
how do i look here ??
i am sure there is still a lot of improvements to made though..
close up view!~~~

when i close my eyes it looks like this!
i love how natural my lashes and eyeshadow look here, when i cast down or close my eyes ! 
FYI: i changed my eyebrow make up abit learning from this video here below!

 but i shaded them a bit too dark T~T so i am gonn try again today later hhehe if i have the time :p?
So i hope this tutorial is useful for some of you out there too? >.<
Btw, i also change my brow colour pencil too which i just bought it yesterday too
will share with you all my daily make u products soon :p
if you are interested ? ;/ lols...
any comments about this look? or to help me improve this look?
kindly welcome! Hugs** (o`^~^`o)/

so that is all for this post !
signing off now~~


  1. to liz: thanks!! i will continue to work hard ! :P thank you so much <33