Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whitening products!


I wanna let you all know that i am big fan of whitening products!!

however, they are some notes to take note of ....

if you happen to have oily combination skin like mine >.< please do not use whitening products if not you will tend to break out easily because it will cause the skin to become oilier than usual hence eventually causing break out >.<
that is what has happened to me all the time once i started to using whitening products which i always forget that i am not suited for it...
T~T and then some break outs will happen to me...

For example, recently i just bought this little twin star limited edition mask from taiwan from a drugstore and it is for whitening! And when i used it, it break me out !!!~~ >.< And the reason i bought it is because it is for whitening but i forgotten that i am not supposed to buy whitening products at all and its super kawaii packaging. Sadly in the end the result is that it broke me out T~T

So here is a pic of the mask


so please take note of this if you have oily combination skin like me!!

So next, you all will ask how to stay and fair in this case right??
For me, i will avoid the sun like crazy, spam lots of sunblock ( i use The Faceshop acidberry waterproof suncream) on my face, drink more water, exfoliate more, however, i do use whitening cleanser because it acually works for my skin.. ( i use bio essence tanaka white cleanser) i used a few tubes of it already, as this is a mild cleanser that does not leave your face dry after a wash and is very suited for sensitive skin like mine :D  If not i will use alot of SPF containing products in my skin cosmestics...

so here are the pics of the suncream and cleanser that i am using now!

So here is a pic of my fav cleanser!~~ it smells so good too! :D


this is waterproof so even when i sweat it still stays on for long~!~ :D


So that is all for now~!!

byebye <333333333

Any other enquiries for please feel to comment below! hehhehe



  1. I've never tried whitening products before so thanks for the tip :D <3
    I hate having oily skin T^T

    1. To liz: hehhe you are so welcome sweetie! <333333 Me too!! >.<