Saturday, September 29, 2012

No makeup selcas!

i am feeling lazy today so i did not put on any makeup today >..<
But i still wanna take some selcas heheheh :3
pardon my stupid faces >.<
So actually today i wanna do a product review
today here it is a bad review  >.<
okk.. so here goes..
a few days ago i went shopping with my best friend so we went into a normal
drugstore called Guardian.
i was looking for some pimple cream..
so a sale lady approached me and asked me what i was looking for ..
i told her i can look around myself but she persisted and look at what i was holding onto and
then went off to get another brand and more expensive pimple cream to recommend me.
Saying how good it was and so on ans so forth
i was pretty convinced.... as i found it hard to reject her as i was quite timid...
So in the end, instead of getting my usual clean and clear pimple gel which i liked so much and
was currently having a major discount... T~T and settle for the one which the sale lady insisted
i thought it was for the better??
in the end....
it was my worse decision!~~
so here is my actual review on
the product which she reccommended.
mainly everything on it is french or german words..
i can barely understand anything...

ratings 1/5

first, there is a medicated not nice smell in it.. and after application there is a icy mint sensation and it kinds of irritated my skin .. luckily there is no major maybe just a bit break out at one of  my cheeks area. i really dont like this because of the irritating sensation it reacted with my face..

i am not sure the small outbreak at my cheeks is because of this product though...
but i swear i will never buy this product ever again!
damm the sale lady!~
wanna earn some pathetic commission then anyhow reccomend me some ex pimple gel..!
seriously i am so angry ! >.<

lucky my face is alright now if i swear i will hate her the rest of my life!~~
okk. lastly here is my today outfit!
i like my cupcakes top shirt !! XD

and i added a black old scarf to match the whole outfit too!!
hheheh that is all for now yea?? byebye<333333333333


  1. Aw that sucks!! Can you return it?

  2. Whoa! If I were you I'd go back to that store and tell that lady off!
    By the way, cute picture hehe (the first one)

    1. To liz: hais i am too timid for that >.< anyway thanks sweetie <33 Hugs**