Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to groom asian brows?

Hi ! Today gonna be a video which is i just found to be extremely useful for myself
so i am gonna share with you all this fab video! :p

i have a major problem with grooming and maintaing my brows and i had to rely on my big sis to help me trim them often T~T and i dont really like this kind of reliance :o
so i tried to find out ways to do it myself ! so i happened to chance upon this video and

i tried it out and i find it quite easy and it kinds of work out for me so if you are encountering the same problem as me learn from this video too then hehhhe :D

so here is the video! :P

Do check it out !!

that is all byebye!!

and since it is my holidays now do check out my blog daily as i will be prolly updating daily ! hehhehe

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