Monday, September 24, 2012

A fun day out! X T ara's rumours true???

Hello all!! Today i am really very happy!~~
i went out with one of my long term good friend Rebecca on an outing!~
We went out for a movie and shopping date today!
Super happy !~~ (^~^) Time files T~T
So here is snapshot of my loots today!
broke T^T
So, i have gotten
1. Etude house aloe moisturizer lotion for face ( Rebecca gotten it for me as my belated bday present! ( so sweet >.<) 
2. Avene spot and blackhead treatment cream
3. ZA 01 concealor
if possible will be doing reviews on these too! hehehe :p
And after that we went to watch a korean movie called " The Thieves"
I must say i really like and enjoyed this movie alot !! :D
Quite funny and very action packed i must say! :p
Even rebecca likes it alot too!~
Also, i managed to borrow a book from the public library after a long time finally >.<
It is the latest shoppaholic book from sophie kinselle!
entitled "Mini shoppaholic"
Hope i can actually complete reading this book as it has been a long time since i last read a book
lol!~ lazy me >.<   
Btw, my online hauls arrived today already!!! Grins**
 Had to take a pic together with her!~~ >.< Gosh miss her!! >.<
Next, i found out a disturbing video about T ara which i liked so much recently! >.<
But after seeing this video i am so lost and dont know whether to continue to support them anot!!! >.<
Pretty faces but ugly personalities??
Watch this!~~
Is this true??????????? >.<
i cant believe my beloved Hyomin and eunjung are such bad and evil people too! >.< Omg so shocking and unbelievable T~T
that is all!

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  1. Omg, no way! I can't believe she'd say something like that :(