Friday, September 14, 2012

Working hard!

Hi all!

Will be blogging about some ulzzang love and inspired look

some personal thoughts too..

koreans are natural in their make up and i really love their natural concept but sadly most of them are plastic especially my idol T~T so it is hard to follow ..

unless i go for plastic surgery too..

so i decided to change my make up based on that concept too..

the reason i decided to create a daily look because i think it is too troublesome thinking of what makeup i should wear each day to school since i am such a LAZY girl. but i still wanna look good :D

so here is the final look!~

will be improving further..
because it is still lacking somehow , liz thank you for being so encouraging here! <3

last pic no contact lense..
so how?? is it better already or not ?? ;o
personally i am still working on it ;/
that is all  byebye!! :D


  1. Hehe no problem!
    You have no lenses on in the last pic? If you didn't point it out, I swear I wouldn't have noticed!
    You have natural dolly-looking eyes~

    1. to liz: yea i have no lenses on in the last pic! :D hehhe thanks sweetie <33 have a great day ahead! :D