Saturday, September 8, 2012

i want to be a makeup guru!

today gonna be a random post well, you can read it if you are bored hehhehe
anyway, if you have been following me you will realise that i really like to change my make up a lot >.<
because i am a person who is unsatisfied with my current look and wanna improve more and more
and to see if which style suits me the best XD
so well i wanna be a make up guru so that i can look prettier and prettier wahhahha
becos i have no natural beauty boohooo T~T
i have an obesssion with beautiful people which makes me so envious of all other pretty girls out there
because no one is ugly hehhehe
 anyway i went out with my family today to have some yummy foods at a chinese restaurant XD
love the food there yummilicious !!!
showing off my handphone cover that my sis bought for me from bangkok
hehehheh nice??
<3333333333 it is made up of tiny beads

after that we went shopping awhile!! :D
and my sis and i entered a cosme shop and i saw this!!
Lena fuji X Canmake!
new product launch!!
BB cream and compact powder
i want i want!! T~T
but i had alot of bb cream left unfinised at home, if not i will buy one for sure!!
so closer view
 omg!! so kawaii the packaging!!! >.<

closer view of the compact powder !!

So that is it for this post!! :D

Till the next time! see ya! <333333



  1. I think you should definitely become a make up guru!
    I'd love to see it happen for you ^_^

  2. To liz: Thanks so much!! & really thank you so much for always supporting my humble blog too!! <3333 Touched** Hugs**