Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bust beauty craze!

Hi all!! :D

recently, i decided to buy more some bust enhancement products online to try because my bust size is pathethic and they are having great offer now!! :D

so i am gonna share with you all some items that just ordered and waiting for their arrival

japanese Garviart bust enhancer!~~
sorry could not find any review or description on the web ~!



Description: MAGIC BRA Design Expert Victorian Style Lingerie

It Really Works!! Best Gift For Women!
Most Effective Breast Aerobic Movement!
Breast Enhancement in a Shortest Time!
With body-care design, comfortable and beautiful!
KE Magic Rubber is made of natural rubber
Wear it 1 min = 20 times manual massage

so here are some reviews which tempted me greatly to buy it >.<

  1.  Best Bra ever & it's comfortable.
  2. Posted by Rose on 2nd Jun 2011
  3. The effect was great, within 3weeks of wearing it for abt 8hrs daily, i can see the different, less sagging, firmer and bigger.. Even my Husband noticed it as well.. No regret buying this & would definitely recommend to others :)

  1. Comfortable, but heavy!

    Posted by Maya on 14th Apr 2011
    I just received this in the mail and tried it on immediately. They didn't have my size so I just picked the largest (85B).

    The cups are comfortable and the side straps holds in the side fats well (you need to just push them in comfortably). This is what I really like. No more fats spilling out near the armpits when wearing tank tops!

    As I mentioned, they didn't have the length that I'm used to wearing, so it feels a little tight for me now. However, it is very comfortable overall and I can immediately see and feel a difference.

    While I felt I could get more cleavage (i.e. I want a single line instead of a deeper 'longkang'), this bra really pushes up the breasts without making you feel that your boobs are in the wrong position.

    Delivery and Product Packaging-wise: Excellent, although the box was a little smashed up, all the contents came as shown: 1 bra, 1 girdle, 1 bag for washing/storage.

    Colour-wise: As shown in the last picture above. The lace is not scratchy as well (I personally don't like lace so this came as a nice surprise).

    I will definitely buy the black one next time, and if they have sizes for 90 and above, I'd definitely get one more!

for this i bought the beige version ones instead!!

want to try these soon!~~ excited cant wait !! >.<

actually was quite busty last time but was dieting and cause my bust to decrease in size drastically T~T

that is all! gonna make my payment for my 2nd item later on :D

and hopefully they will arrived fast! >.<

that is all for today yea!

shy shy ~!!! (#>.<#)

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