Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Etude house skincare products ReviewS!~

So today i am gonna review on my etude house skin care products that i have just bought recently
and i tried them on for a few days already..
So first i will begin with my beclear toner for whitening!
Ratings: 3/5

i quite like this product overall, because it dont really break me out :D and it smells quite nice too.
And i like its ingredients made up of all fruits like kiwi.. etc.. the liquid is abit white-ish in colour when pour out.. very watery instead of moist.. which is good because i dont really fancy those moist toner as i have oily combination skin type and i dont need the extra moisture .. as i already have my own moisturizer..
but personally i prefer the maglem series smoother after i see nayoung unnie introducing in her skincare video and somemore that series is endorsed by dara and shinee too OMG! But i just bought this >.< . Its whitening ability is only average for me only too :s . i think i will not buy this again though... It packaging is made up of glass too making it very fragile too >.< so i need to be careful while handling it >.<

Ok... so next i am gonna review on my etude house moistful aloe soothing lotion moisturizer!

ratings :4/5

i choose this in the end, because i want it to soothe my irritated skin?? lols..
because i have oily combination skin so my skin tends to get easily irritated then out break >.<
This product smells great! ( very nice strong aloe smell) i must admit that when i applied this all over my face it feels really very soothing!! My face dont feel oily after application even after a few hours just dewy, moist and supple! :D this does not break me out too in fact it also helps to treat my troubled skin too! :p i am not sure whether i will be buying this again because i really want to try out the maglem series moisturizer after finish using this unless my skin is looking better or back to normal and all! >.<

So that is all for now yea?? byebye !! <33333333
Till the next time!


  1. You look so cute with the roses! :D <3

  2. I love etude house products!! Are so beauty!!