Sunday, September 23, 2012

Support tara!~~X etude dolly eyes

 I am currently very bored at home now >.<
so i decided to blog here~ hehhehe :D

So i decided to share with you all some T-ara videos!~~~
i watched all the episodes already!
heheh so here is the last ep video.. u can click on the links to start from the 1st ep though hehhe

Support them!~~

<333333333 fan girling now~ >.<

So next is etude house latest mascara!

i gotten the cute pamphlet so i wanna share the contents with you all here!~~


sorry my computer cannot rotate these photos >.<
so nice right??
so that is all for now!~~ :D
Sadly i haven gotten any products from this pamphlet yet! boohoo!~~ >.<

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