Thursday, September 20, 2012

Online shopping is not so good afterall !

Hello all! today i am gonna complain about some online shops that i have really bad experience with.,
hais.. i dont  really wish to ruin their reputation but they are really bad!! >.<
first is!!!
okk.. so here is my personal experience...
i bought some stuffs from them and it happened so that it was OOS but their website was not updated..
So they tried to contact me and i did not know because it was sent to my junk mail section >.<
i only realised this after a week ... zzzzz
okk.. so i contact via their hotline...
so they updated my order and all since i changed it.. they posted my item via reg mail without my knowledge.. so i kind of missed the delivery time and needed to queue up at the post office for nearly an hour to collect the item... i was quite annoyed because i opted for normal postage but they kindly offered me reg mail in return without my knowledge...  
and at first they were very responsive.. but when it was time to refund me the remaining $$ of my order they took forever ... up till now they still have not taken any actions yet.. damm..
i told myself anyway it is just a petty few dollars forget it.. but the main issue here is that i dont want others to be like me too >.<
i am just stating my bad experience here no offence... just to let you guys know about this online biz..
So next is some online scams going on...i found out via my facebook though...
so it is about the japanese skincare brand Hada labo..
some online shops actually sells fake products of these products so here it is a pic..

so next time when you go online shopping like i often do please beware of all these and take care yea??

& help me share this around too if possible yea :p help your family and friends so that they will not be cheated ! >.< 
 Although i really love online stuffs because they often cant be found locally  and at times cheaper too T~T but they are also its risks involved boohoo~! >.<
that is all for now yea??

byebye <33  love you guys!! <33333333


  1. Oh my gosh! That's terrible!
    Thank you for the warning and I hope you get your money back soon!