Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outdoor with my sis

hello!! :DD

really feeling lazy now :\
should be studying my japanese now but i feel so unwilling to ....

i just feeling like relaxing and watching dramas now because it is just after my exams...

just went for the first interview today then i need to go for another one tmr morning >.<
tired!! but i want $$$$ :(
hopefully everything will go smoothly :P

so today actually i am quite satisfied because i get to go out and have fun today :D
and my two of online stuffs arrived!!

so here are they!! :D grins***

so here is their closer views!!
 my eyeshadow closer view!!!!!

naisu right??????
proudly showing the brand of LASHUVA!! <3333

omg i always wanted an item of this brand since i saw in popteen mag years ago!!
finally! touched !! **>~<**
So here is a short review for you all!
Rating: 4/5
i would reccomend this if you are looking for a gentle subtle pearl shimmery look :D
it is not suitable for smoky eyes though or cat eye make >.<
and i tried the colour combination on my eyes and they look just nice *~*
because i prefer more sweet and gentle colours myself :D
not so heavy on the eyes
next i want show you somethings that i saw during my outdoor trip today!!
first it is Rola's book!!!
but sadly it was too costly for me to buy it T~T

if not i will surely share with you all what is inside >.<
next is next month JELLy nuts mag!!
featuring ayumi hamasaki!! >,<
 sorry , i did not buy this as well as just showing you all the pretty cover though
so here are my loots for the day :pp
hahha except my iphone there lols

that is all byebye <33333333
gonna be a hardworking girl and study my jap later or tmr day time :D


  1. You and your sister are so adorable together!
    And your palette is so pretty! *-*

    1. To Liz: thanks for your compliment o(^▽^)o you are cute too !!!!